Rebath vs. fitted bath systems

Posted March 5th, 2012 by Alexander Pokorny

A fitted bath system must be perfectly molded to fit over your old bath, otherwise it will inevitably present a host of problems, not the least of which is the major chance that it won't fit perfect or won't be installed correctly. Often these facelift jobs consist of little more than some glue on the new liner, putting it in the old tub and calking up the seams. Supposing the caulking is done in an attractive manner, it must be perfect. If all moisture isn't removed and sealed out from the old tub, it could be eaten away over the years by mold and rust.

If a fitted bath system is not properly molded to the exact contours of your existing bath, pockets can be left between the old bath surface and the new. These pockets can be havens for mold, pests or in certain cases, rust that will spread to the rest of the tub left in place to support the liner.

Even without the deterioration of the previous tub, the new fitted bath system can warp over time if not bonded to the old tub. This can create pockets and puckers along the floor of your tub, making for an uneven surface which prevents proper drainage allowing for mold and mildew to build, and presents a dangerous floor in your shower.

Even if a fitted bath system is molded and installed perfectly, even if it presents no manufacturing or installation defects and works fine for years, the fact remains that by putting a new tub over the old one, you are reducing the standing room in your shower as well as the lounging room in your bath.

Re-Bath is a complete bath remodel that is as simple and hassle free as fitted bath system companies that only offer acrylic liners and limited options. Re-Bath systems are guaranteed for life not to chip, rust or mildew. That's why tens of thousands of customers have trusted us to remodel their bathroom.

Re-Bath doesn't just cover up a bad thing, leaving you with something smaller and awkward, hiding a secret that even you are no longer privy to. Re-Bath rips out the old bathroom, often straight down to the studs, and replaces it with beautiful new tubs, showers or even walk-in tubs to suit your needs and tastes.

Unlike fitted bath systems, Re-Bath has a wide range of styles to choose from. Whether you want the accessibility and luxury of a walk-in bath or the sleek style and convenience of a brand new shower, Re-Bath can take what you have and create the bathroom you've always dreamed of.

Best of all, you'll be able to rest easy and enjoy your new bathroom knowing that Re-Bath's trained installation professionals are rebuilding your bathroom from the studs up with quality materials, guaranteed for life. Instead of throwing one product on top of another, you'll get a full system designed to work as one, configured to whatever options you choose.

Your bathroom is where you begin and end your day. It is the one place where you put on your game face to confront the world, then come back to to let your hair down and relax. Your bathroom, more than any other room, should express you as you know you are. That is why Re-Bath allows you to choose from a wide arrange of styles and fixture, taking every step to make your dream fit into your bathroom.

So before you order your fitted bath system to cover up that old mess, comes see what Re-Bath can create for you.


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