Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Posted March 16th, 2012 by Alexander Pokorny

Total bath remodeling is a costly venture if you are ready to do a bathroom upgrade on a lower budget. For a smaller bathroom remodel consider the most frequently used part of your bathroom, the bath tub or the tub/shower combination. At Re-Bath you will find the expert advice, diverse styles and colors, a big range of products and the best prices for the job.

There are several options and you will want to run through a bathroom remodel checklist of points as you choose the best one. The options we will consider here are relining the bathtub, converting the tub to a shower, totally replacing the shower or installation of a walk-in bathtub. The checklist steps  include budget, your reasons for changing the area, personalized needs, job length and how style /functionality affect your decision. No matter what option you choose, Re-Bath is the company of choice for smaller bathroom remodel.

Re-Bath specializes in the bath remodel field. Using the best materials (DuraBath SSP), a patented and life guaranteed product, offering the widest array of styles, colors and models, providing superior customer service, expert installation and affordable prices are the hallmarks of this company.

 Bath tub relining is considered first and this option applies a new "skin" to the existing tub. It is installed over your bath tub and surrounding walls if desired, is made of acrylic and it is as good as a brand new prefab bathtub.
Bathroom remodel checklist:
* Budget-Least expensive option.
* Job Length-Quick job, one day.
* Reason-Existing tub is worn, damaged or overused, unsightly
* Personalized needs-Preference for tub use to relax, de-stress, soak, 
* Style/Function-Update bathroom look, family needs changed, introduce contemporary style or color.

Converting the bathtub to a shower is the second option and a job you definitely want to have Re-Bath do. The job requires the removal of a bathroom feature, the tub and the installation of a new feature, the shower.
Bathroom Remodel Checklist
* Budget-Moderate
* Job Length-Time consuming, tub removal and new installation
* Reason-Family does not need or require bath any longer, enjoy the convenience of a shower.
* Personalized needs-Desire options that include grab bar for safety, shower seat or adjustable height shower head.
* Style/Function-Easy to clean, long lasting, update color, model, style.
Re-Bath is the preferred choice for this option as you will want a consultation, a choice of colors and styles, most importantly expert installation and the best price.  

 New shower installation is the third option and the old bathroom feature will have to be removed and the new one installed.
Bathroom Remodel Checklist
* Budget-Moderate or Medium Cost
* Job Length-Performed within a day.
* Reason-Old Shower's appearance
* Personalized needs-Enjoy the convenience of a shower and desire options that can include grab bar for safety, a shower seat or an adjustable height shower head.
* Style/Function-Comes in all sizes, styles, colors, combines a long lasting surface with attractiveness and is easy to clean.
Contact Re-Bath team for this job that requires all the hallmarks the company is noted for.

The last option is the popular walk-in tub. The Re-Bath version has easy access and comfortable seating, 17 inch chair height, built in seat and safety bar, slip resistant surface and opening out swing door.
Bathroom Remodel Checklist
* Budget-Moderate
* Job Length-1 to 1 1/2 days
* Reason-Family member has disability or age related mobility issues.
* Personalized Needs-Relaxing qualities of bath with easy access and customized entry, exit and safe movement features.
* Style/Function-Acrylic construction, fits through most door opening and the best variety of colors and styles.


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